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Who We Are

Trask River Productions is a small woodworking company first started in 2013, by Jim Cox. We started out making simple things like planter boxes and worm composting bins. However, over the last few years we have expanded our skills and knowledge and we now make a much larger variety of items.

Now we make everything from cutting boards and puzzle boxes to color changing LED lamps and picnic tables, and we even do custom orders too.

Trask River Productions is a learning environment so newcomers start with the basics to gain woodworking skills and work their way up. We work with people’s talents and points of interest to make their experience and the items they are producing the best they can be.

We sell the products to the public and the funds go to the program for materials. Trask River Productions does its best to constantly expand its horizons and take on fresh projects. In the future we hope to expand our knowledge and products even more.

What We Do

Picnic tables

Every year Trask River Productions helps support the local Tillamook wrestling team by making 50 picnic tables for their yearly fundraiser.

  High school

We teach woodworking to high school students; from planning and drafting all the way through to completion of their projects, they learn it all.

  Custom orders

We make custom items to fit our customer's wants and needs. We only need an idea or a photo and we're off and running.


We take old and used items such as furniture and other wood projects and restore them.